Introduction to the Online Procedures Manual

1. Format

Welcome to the online Safeguarding Children Procedures Manual for the West Yorkshire Consortium which consists of Bradford Safeguarding Partnership, Calderdale Safeguarding Children Partnership, Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership, Kirklees Safeguarding Children Partnership and Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership. The online format is designed to make the procedures easy to access and allows you to skip readily between different procedures.

The Using this Manual section explains the key features which have been included to assist you in navigating the chapters.

2. Updating Procedures

The procedures will be updated regularly, and when amendments to procedures are made they will be highlighted on the Contents page to draw your attention to where they are. A summary of recent revisions can also be found in the Amendments Table.

3. Terminology

A glossary of useful terms is provided in the Keywords Appendix - The keywords can also be accessed by clicking on the button on the left hand side of each page.

4. Context

The West Yorkshire Consortium procedures reflect current legislation, accepted best practice and comply with the government guidance: Working Together to Safeguard Children and cover the following:

  1. The action to be taken where there are concerns about a child's safety or welfare, including thresholds for intervention;
  2. Training of persons who work with children or in services affecting the safety and welfare of children;
  3. Recruitment and supervision of persons who work with children;
  4. Investigation of allegations concerning persons who work with children;
  5. Safety and welfare of children who are privately fostered;
  6. Cooperation with neighbouring children's services authorities and their statutory partners.

Further professional guidance is available from "What to do if you're worried a child is being abused - advice for practitioners" (Department for Education, 2015).

5. Relevant Staff

These procedures are multi agency and should be followed by those working, whether paid or unpaid, in Safeguarding Children Partnership member agencies and in private or voluntary sector organisations with responsibilities for children in the West Yorkshire area.